Albinia Broderick

Another of the Rotunda’s staff became what was described as an ‘advanced nationalist’ following her time at the hospital. The Honourable Albinia Brodrick undertook her midwifery training at the Rotunda Hospital in 1905. She was already a Nurse, having worked for a number of years in the Workhouse in Ashtown-Upon-Lyne in Lancashire. She was a direct descendant of Sir St John Brodrick who in the mid 17th century was granted estates in Cork and Monaghan. Her father, the 8th Viscount Midleton, had retained 6,188 acres in County Cork. The Honourable Albinia had first come to Ireland when her father was there to inspect these holdings. Her reaction to the poverty resulted in her writing articles on the plight of the poor. When she came to Ireland in 1905 she joined the Gaelic League and immersed herself in the cultural revival that was taking place in the country at the time. She became known as Gobnait Ni Bhruadair. With her inheritance she received when her father died she set up a hospital for the poor in Kerry. In 1916 she was profoundly affected by the Rising and visited the internments camps, and wrote about her experiences. She joined Cumann na mBan in 1917 and was active in the War of Independence. She became county councillor for Sinn Féin in 1920. She was imprisoned in the Civil War for her opposition to the Irish Free State. She died in 1955 leaving her estate for Republicans as they were in 1919–1921.

…described as an ‘advanced nationalist’ following her time at the hospital… she was profoundly effected by the Rising and visited the internment camps…

Albinia Brodrick